Real estate in Greece: a luxury or a profitable investment?

Greece has always been a desirable country where everyone wants to have their holidays or even to live. Achievements of Hellenic civilization, embodied in the art and architecture of ancient Greek monuments, amazing Mediterranean nature and healthy climate, a generous Greek cuisine and exceptional wine turned Greece into a paradise place. Greece has been regarded as attractive real estate market, where you can find proposals for various categories of customers.

Comfortable suburban real estate has ceased to be the privilege of only the rich people, even if the countryside is outside the country. Building or buying a house in Greece becomes cheaper than in other countries. The number of people buying property abroad, increased at times every year. Preference is given to the houses on the coast, because such investment in addition to pleasure can bring substantial benefits in the future.

The most popular areas in terms of tourism and real estate sales are the Greek islands, in particular, Crete and the peninsula of Halkidiki. Halkidiki is the main interest for buyers because it is famous for clean sea and beaches, whose purity is awarded the highest environmental assessment «Blue Flag» of the European Union.

Properties in the two largest cities — Athens and Thessaloniki — is also not less popular. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and businessmen come here on a regular basis, not only for professional activities and networking, but also for unforgettable holidays.

Luxury villa with private beach and marina, immersed in the green pine forest is the main object of the search. Particular importance is given to the possibility of the owners to conduct private life in the neighborhood with peers. On the other hand, many people are looking for cheap houses close to the sea for having a summer vacation with family or apartment in major tourist towns.

During the checkout process and after the signing of the ownership contract, the buyer has the right to obtain a Schengen visa with an unlimited number of entries. The acquisition of a house in Greece makes it obtaining of long-term visas much easier not only for the property owner, but also for his family. Anyone can issue a residence permit and later take a citizenship so the availability of real estate plays an essential role.

Greece has a reputation of the state with one of the lowest crime rates in the EU. The inhabitants of many islands in this hospitable country did not even lock the doors in the homes and leave the keys in the car. Tourists also feel comfortable and are not afraid to walk on the night streets and quays of the Greek towns.

One-time tax is paid when you are buying property in Greece, it is 10% of the cadastral value. If the cadastral value is more than 400 thousand euros, then the luxury tax at the rate of 0.1% is paid every year...

If you are a kind of tourist that is coming for rest on the sea for a month or two every year, the rest of the time you can take the house for rent. The price for apartments or house will depend on many factors such as the type of leased property, the lease period of the year, close to the sea and et cetera. The highest rent price, of course, in the peak summer season — July and August.

There is everything you might wish in Greece: a warm Mediterranean climate, clean and well-groomed beaches, modern hotels in different price categories, noisy discos and quiet parks, scenic surroundings with rocks and forests, where ancient churches are hidden, countless monuments and other attractions. But perhaps the most important is the friendliness and hospitality of the Greeks, who are always welcome.